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Loans - CRA Assessment Area for PWSB is Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. We serve Ozaukee County and the surrounding areas.


AUTO LOANS  » Rate Inquiry | Apply Now

Experienced lenders will help you through the buying process to calculate payments and how much down payment you need. You can also access our financial calculator to figure payments yourself * (click here).


Installment loans are available for any purpose from buying the boat or motorcycle you've dreamed of... to consolidating bills... or taking a vacation. These loans are available on both an unsecured or secured basis. Choose a fixed rate and term to fit your budget.

HOME EQUITY LOANS » Rate Inquiry | Apply Now

Home equity loans are the answer if you need a loan for a special purpose such as a large retail purchase or consolidation of debt. The funds are disbursed in one lump sum. These loans offer a fixed rate and a fixed monthly payment you can budget for.  Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

HOME EQUITY LINES OF CREDIT » Rate Inquiry | Apply Now

These loans are flexible credit lines that allow you to use the equity in your home. These loans are used for covering unexpected expenses, college tuition, or a long-term home improvement project. You can withdraw the funds when you need it, and as you repay, the available credit is replaced for you to use again without having to fill out new paperwork. You can access your balance simply by writing a check whenever you need it. We offer competitive variable rates.  Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

To apply, complete an application, a recent pay stub, a copy of your home's title insurance policy or legal description, a copy of your homeowner's insurance policy, and the most recent property tax bill.

MORTGAGES -  Visit our Mortgage Center


You can also access our financial calculators to calculate loan payments, estimate loan interest and compare payments based on different rate terms.