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Internet Banking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Internet Banking Questions

Online Check Image Questions

Online Bill Pay Questions

E-Statement  Questions

Internet Banking Questions 


What do I need to start using Internet Banking?

• Your four digit identification number or current Telephone Banking password
• An account number to use as your Access ID
• Internet access using supported current browsers.

Is Internet Banking secure?
Yes. The server that stores your Port Washington State Bank account information uses
Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). This security encrypts your data. In other words,
your information is sent in a scrambled format. For added security we require internet  browsers that support 128-bit encryption.

I'm a current Internet Banking user. Why can't I Log In?
It could be that:

  • Your internet connection may not have a high enough encryption rate. Internet
    Banking requires your computer's browser utilize 128-bit encryption.
  • The security feature for Internet Banking ensures you are only one who knows
    your password. Internet Banking will consider you a "First Time User" until you
    go through the process of changing your password at least once.
  • Your Access ID is case sensitive. If you used any capital letters in setting up
    your Access ID, you must capitalize those same letters every time you enter your
    Access ID.

What is my Access ID?
The first time you log in, your Access ID will be one of your account numbers
(checking, savings, etc). Then you can personalize your Access ID.

I'm a First-Time User of Internet Banking. How do I start?
Before you begin, read the Disclosures and Agreement.
To access internet banking, click “Internet Banking” on the homepage. Then
select “Log In Now”. Find the "First Time Users" button and complete the
information as requested on the screen.

Access ID: This is one of your account numbers. You can choose to use your checking,
savings, certificate of deposit, or loan account number.

Account Type: Indicate the type of account that you're using as your Access ID. If you
entered your checking account number in the Access ID, then select "Checking".


  • Enter the last four digits of your identification number.
  • Or if you are a current Telephone Banking user, you may use that number as your
    temporary password to Log In as a First Time User.
  • After choosing "Submit", you will be asked to change your password.
  • For security purposes, you will be required to change your password every 90
  • You may change your Access ID at this time. Joint account owners will be required to
    have different Access IDs.

I have a joint account. How do I access my account? 
Each customer needs to sign on to Internet Banking with their own identification
number and account number.

One of the choices to log on the Account Type is Certificate. What is that?
How do I log on using my Certificate of Deposit as my account type?

Certificate means Certificate of Deposit. You can log in using your Certificate of Deposit number by choosing this account type.

What should I do if I forget my password?
Contact your Personal Banker or call (262) 284-4416 or (800) 550-9435 during
regular business hours.

When do my banking transactions appear on Internet Banking?
To view your transactions simply click, "Transactions."
ATM, debit card transactions or in person transactions will appear immediately.
"Current Business Day" transactions are pending transactions.
It is important to note that these transactions reflect certain types of account
activity and, may or may not, be posted to your account at the end of the business day.

What are "Memo Posted Debits"?
When your checks are cashed by others who do not bank with Port Washington State
Bank, the total amount of those checks will appear in a group as "Memo Posted Debits".

How can I be certain that a transfer I set up will happen?
One time transfer:  Receiving a Confirmation Number means your "One Time Transfer" occurred.
We recommend you print your Confirmation Number for your records.

New Scheduled Transfers: The details of your transfers will appear by choosing
the "Transfer" button.

How do I cancel a one-time transfer?

One-time transfers are "real time." To "undo" the transfer, you simply have to reverse the
transaction. (Note that banking regulations for Savings, Money Market and Money Market Index Accounts allow for a maximum of six (6) electronic transfers each month).

How do I cancel a scheduled transfer?
Just change the scheduled number to zero.

When I get large dollar amounts in my accounts, why can't I see all of the numbers?
For best viewing, your screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600.

How can I see my Home Equity Line?
Home Equity Line of Credit account activity is available through Internet Banking with
the rest of your accounts.

Why can't I see my spouse's account?
You must be the owner or signer on an account to view it. If you are not able to view your account, contact our Customer Service Department at (262) 284-4416 or (800) 550-9435.

Can I use Internet Banking with my Quicken or Microsoft Money?
Yes! To access the quick export method, select the checking or savings account you
wish to export the information from. Select the “Transactions” button, and then
select the “Transaction Export” option.

You may also export account information by selecting the account you wish
to export the information from. Select the “Transactions Menu”, and then in
the “Transaction Search” area enter any specific detail to export (or leave it blank
to export all available information) then choose “Export”.

Online Check Image Questions

How can I view my checks?
There are a couple of different ways to view checks:

A) This viewing option allows you to retrieve images of checks that have cleared up to
the past 60 days.

1. Log in to Internet Banking
2. Click on your checking account number
3. Choose "Transactions"
4. Click on either "Current Statement" or "Previous Statement"
5. Finally under the "Check Number" column, click on the check number of
the check you'd like to see

B) Another way to view checks is through the "Transaction Menu". This viewing option
allows you to retrieve images of checks that have cleared within the past six months.

1. Log in to Internet Banking
2. Click on your checking account number
3. Click the "Transactions" button, “Transactions Menu” in the drop-down box
4. Enter the check number you would like to see in the "Item Number" box

When do my checks appear?
Your transaction appears on Internet Banking as soon as your check is processed. Your
check will be available for viewing by 10:00 a.m. the following business day.

How long will my checks remain on Internet Banking?
60 days.
You can view the past 6 months of cleared checks using the "Transaction Search:"
1. Log on to Internet Banking
2. Click on your checking account number
3. Click the "Transactions" button, “Transactions Menu” item in the drop-
down box
4. You will see an Image Search box in the bottom right hand corner of
the screen. Enter the check number you would like to see in the "Item
Number" box.

How do I print a copy?
1. Put your mouse over the image of the check, you may see a little menu appear
2. Click the button that looks like a printer
You may also mouse over the image of the check, then click the right button on your
mouse. Select "Print Picture."

When I click on the check number I receive the message "Unable to retrieve document from archive."
Checks are available for viewing by 10:00 a.m. the following business day.
Some businesses may treat your check like an electronic transaction, using the
information on the check to debit your account directly instead of processing the
check. In these situations your check would not be available on Internet Banking,
because the paper check was not sent to the bank.

Online Bill Pay Questions


What is Online Bill Pay?
A quick, easy, and paperless way to pay monthly bills or send money to virtually

What do I need to start using Online Bill Pay?
You will need to have access to our Internet Banking service and have a PWSB checking

Who can I pay using Online Bill Pay?
Online Bill Pay allows you to pay virtually any business or individual in the United
States. The only types of payments that are not allowed are tax payments and court
ordered payments.

How do I add a payment?
1. Log on to your Internet Banking
2. Click on the Bill Pay Tab
3. View the Terms & Conditions at bottom of page
4. Add Payee/Make Payment - Click Add a Company or Person

  • Enter the name of the person or business you would like to pay in "Search Our Network Box"
  • Select corresponding image or select "other company" or "person"
  • Enter information requested
  • Click "Add Bill"
  • To Make Payment - Go to the Payment Center
  • Choose Payee that you wish to pay
  • Select Account Number to pay from
  • Enter the dollar amount
  • Click on Calendar to select pay date - Date selected will be the date that the payment is made
  • Description: The description will default to read: "Payment to (Payee's name)". You may
    choose to edit this to a short description which will appear in the description on your
  • Account Number with Payee: Enter an Account Number for your Payee if one is
  • Click on the “Submit” button and Port Washington State Bank will begin processing
    payments received before 6:00 p.m. CST on any business day. Be sure to allow at least
    five business days for your payment to be received by your Payee (see "How much notice
    does the bank need to send the payment?").

How long will my Payees stay on Online Bill Pay?
Your Payee information will stay in your Scheduled Payments for at least one
year after the last payment was sent.

I have a joint account. Can we both use Bill Payment?
Yes. Both owners of an account will need to sign on to Internet Banking with their own
Password and Access ID.

How does Bill Payment work with the automatic debit payments (ACH) I already
have paid from my checking account?

There is no charge for using ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to automatically
make payments to the utility or telephone company.

How much does the Online Bill Pay service cost?
There is no charge for Online Bill Pay as long as you pay one Payee per month.

When do my Online Bill Pay transactions appear on Internet Banking?
The recipient of the funds will receive your payment in approximately five (5)
business days.

How do I cancel an Online Bill Payment?
You may edit the amount, date, frequency, description, and account number by
clicking on the name of the Payee on any pending payment.

A payment that has reached the Payment Date cannot be cancelled.

How much notice does the bank need to send the payment?
Please allow at least five (5) business days before the due date for payments to be

What happens if I don't have enough money in my account for a payment I've set

The payment will not be sent until there is enough money in your account.
Your account will be checked for the following two (2) business days to
determine if there are sufficient funds to complete the payment.

How does Online Bill Pay work?
You can set up a payment to any person or business within the United States (except tax
payments and court ordered payments).
The chart below describes the Bill Payment process.

Day 0 (payment date) Today is bill Payment Date before 6:00 p.m. CST. Payment is
initiated on Internet Banking. Money is removed from your checking account.
Day 1 This is the next business day after Payment Date. Paper check is printed and
mailed by the bank; check is given to the U.S. Post Office.
Day 2 This is the second business day after Payment Date. Payment check begins
delivery through the U.S. mail.
Day 5 Payee receives a paper check per your payment request.

E-Statement Questions


What is an E-Statement?
An E-Statement is an exact replica of your paper statement.

How do I begin getting E-Statements?
Click the “Internet Banking” button and create a user name and password.  You may also sign up through your Personal Banker or by calling (262) 284-4416 or (800) 550-9435.

Is it secure when I transmit my account number from the enrollment form?
Yes. Your information is sent through a secure connection.

How do I view E-Statements?
Combined Statements: You can view your E-statement by logging into your Internet Banking account.
Separate Statements: If you prefer to view a completely separate statement for each account, you will need to enroll each account separately.

Can I print a copy?

How long will I be able to see this month's E-Statement?
It will be accessible for up to sixteen (16) months from the date the statement is first

Can I go back to see last month's statement after I get this month's?
Yes. E-Statements remain on Internet Banking for up to sixteen (16) months from the
date the statement is first issued.

When I click on Documents, and then Account Statement, I receive the message "No Documents Are Currently Available For Viewing".
First, we recommend you try again. As with any page request over the internet, there is a chance that the server is busy.
If you choose a combined statement so you can view all of your accounts in one click and a single print, then your E-Statements will appear under the main checking account only. If the problem continues call Customer Service at (262) 284-4416 or (800) 550-9435.